Life-cycle assessment

Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) measures the environmental impacts of the production, use and disposal of products and services in accordance with the international standards ISO 14040/44.
Life-Cycle Assessment

By conducting an LCA, organizations can demonstrate how their products show environmental advantages over competitive products. LCA can also help select materials/energy sources with lower environmental impacts during the design phase or for making environmental improvements of existing processes.

LCA is the ideal tool for identifying life-cycle stage(s) with significant environmental impacts of one product or process. In addition, LCA can be used as a tool with other techniques such as Greenhouse Gas accounting for assessing and reducing a product's carbon footprint. Covestro supports Life-Cycle Assessment through two activities:

  • We actively support our industrial associations in preparing modern, industry average life-cycle data for our major product types (so-called "cradle-to-gate" analysis): This data can be downloaded from the respective websites.
  • In selected countries, our experienced staff assists trade associations in performing life-cycle studies, and we can support or perform life-cycle studies for our customers' products: Please consult the country pages for contacts.