Tank Farm Assessment - Taking responsibility for a safer chemical industry

Tank Farm Assessment program

Safety is of the highest priority for Covestro. Our safety culture encompasses everything from our employees and safe production processes, plants and transport to protection of the environment. The latter is of particular importance for us, since Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and an integral part of our strategy. We live and breathe “sustainnovation” and want to grow with products and technologies that benefit society, the planet and our customers.

What is a TFA?

Our Tank Farm Assessment (TFA) program fits all of the above. It is designed for customers who are purchasing diisocyanate products in bulk for the first time (such as MDI, TDI) and need to unload, store, and manufacture polyurethane products (such as hard and soft foams, paints, or elastomers).

With the TFA program, we offer a modular e-platform to enhance safety measures for the whole supply chain and assess customers’ unloading and storage processes and facilities with a standard checklist to fulfill the minimum requirements of the European Diisocyanate & Polyol Producers Association (ISOPA). This newly launched e-platform is a one-stop-shop for customers to manage their TFA requests, access training materials and guidelines as well as product or product safety information. It helps customers to improve their safety standards in a sustainable and efficient manner and allows them to access safety information on a real-time basis.

Why TFA?

With the digital TFA platform our customers benefit from transparency, access to information and an easier process. Covestro internally benefits from efficiency, knowledge and data exchange and the ability to improve our services ever faster.

  • Safety first - Enhance safety level for unloading & storage at your site
  • Secure supply chain - Safeguard your license to operate
  • Sustainable - Reduce any potential negative impacts to people & planet from incorrect handling or storage

  • Learn more about our TFA story

    Contact us now to kick-start your Tank Farm Assessment journey digitally or register directly via our online portal: https://tankfarmassessment.covestro.com.