Product Safety Code

Leadership Commitment

Senior leadership commitment to a culture of product safety and stewardship. Each company’s senior leadership demonstrates clear commitment through their words, policies and actions throughout their organization and in external communications.

  • Covestro embeds product safety, stewardship, and sustainability into everything we do and can be evidenced at the highest levels through our leadership goals which are cascaded throughout the entire organization: “… embed safety, sustainable thinking, compliant behavior, and product stewardship in our everyday work …”
  • Company position statement and charter on Responsible Care®.
    Responsible Care Policy.pdf
    Responsible Care Charter_signed-2016.pdf
  • Covestro-wide global core process devoted to Product Safety and Stewardship that is audited externally. This process has training modules established with real-world examples that are updated once per year and required for all Covestro employees.
  • HSEQ Policy statement.
  • Safety data sheets for all of our products and general product declarations are available for download at