Product Safety Code

Product Safety Management

A process to identify, implement, document and communicate health, safety and environmental measures to manage risk so that products can be safely used for their intended purposes.

  • During all Product Use Reviews, Covestro’s procedure utilizes a checklist approach to serves as a guidance document to facilitate dialogue between experts in Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs and the Business Units to ensure all risk management actions are completed and communicated.
  • Covestro-wide global core process devoted to Product Safety and Stewardship that is audited externally. This process has training modules established with real-world examples that are updated once per year and required for all Covestro employees.
  • EPA procedures dictate requirements for information that comes back from customers to the business.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for our products can be found at
  • Covestro produces information on the safe use and handling of our products. All guidance and information documents can be found here:
  • If further questions or information is needed, please reach out to us directly at:


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