New product stewardship information for diisocyanates

Pittsburgh, PA, May 31, 2017 — The American Chemistry Council has recently developed and made available new product stewardship information for diisocyanates, including a whiteboard video and two infographics.

Whiteboard video:

This less than 2-minute video has a simple message that positions diisocyanates as the building blocks to make polyurethane products, while illustrating that once the manufacturing process is complete, diisocyanates no longer exist in the final product.

Infographic on diagnostic steps and possible outcomes when evaluating possible worker exposure to diisocyanates:

This one-page infographic illustrates the diagnostic steps and possible outcomes for a physician asked to evaluate an individual who may be exposed to diisocyanates at work and who is reporting respiratory symptoms at work.

Diisocyanates infographic on declining asthma rates:

This one-page infographic illustrates with simple language that over more than a 15-year period, while diisocyanates production has increased, the incidence of workplace asthma has decreased.